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50 Gallon Osborne Inline Parts Washer
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50 Gallon Osborne Inline Parts Washer

Model: PWD-1250
Serial #: 9708-1
Voltage Requirement: 480V

- Full open top for easy drum removal
- Removable dryer air duct (no tools required)
- Stainless Steel disc type oil skimmer
- Thermostat controlled tank heat
- Independent air heat temperature controller

- 50 gallon wash tank
- 7.5 kw immersion heater with thermostat
- Disc type oil skimmer(stainless disc)
- 1/4 HP vertical centrifugal pump
- Thru shafts with external bearings(relube type)
- Full open lid for easy drum removal
- 12" dia. x 30" long perforated drum, 3/32" dia. perforations, solid wash section
- Integral air heat box/blower volute
- Quick release dryer air duct(no tools required)
- (2) 3 kw tubular air heat elements/analog temperature controller

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