McKenzie Chip Separator
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Size range (diameters): 1/8" to 2" (3 to 50mm)
Size range (lengths): ¼" to 6" (6 to 152mm)
Maximum Operating rate: 1 cu. ft./min. (approx 5000 parts/min)
Average operating rate: 34cu. ft./hr., using varying parts and sizes

1. Adjust air blast regulator lever to regulate air flow for size and weight of the parts.

2. Set control gate in feed hopper to permit uniform flow. (Normal setting: 1½ times diameter of parts to be separated.)

3. With machine running, and after cutting oil has been removed, empty production to be separated into automatic feed hopper.

4. Production will feed into vibrator where, by means of contant agitation, material is spread evenly prior to entering controlled air stream.

That's all. The chips are autmatically discharged below the chip discharge hood, while the clean parts drop from the parts delivery chute.

Blower Motor 5 H.P., 3600 RPM, continuous rated, ball bearing totally enclosed
Feeder-vibrator motor ¾ H.P., 1200 RPM, continuous rated, ball bearing totally enclosed
Current Three phase 230/460 volts, 60 Hz (Special electrics available on request)
Motor control Magnetic starter, with current overload protection panel and pushbutton station
Air blower control Over 48 air regulator settings, for accurate control over complete blower range
Connecting Rod Self-aligning roller
Drive Shaft Ball-bearing pillow blocks
Vibrator Pan Self-aligned grooved and graphited bronze
Lubrication Only six Alemite grease fittings for complete lubrication
Dimensions 6'4"L x 4'2"H x 3'W (193 x 127 x 91 cm)
Shipping weight (domestic) 1520 lbs. (690kg)
Shipping weight (overseas) 1760 lbs. (800kg) - boxed for export

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