1/2" - 2" Videx Extrusion Machine VEM-80160
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10ppm - 250mm Extrusion Stroke - New-Like Condition
Model: VEM-80160

Videx Extrusion machine VEM-80/160
The Videx VEM machines are Single Die Heading and Extrusion machines for straight bars.
The machines can be fed either by a one-row magazine or by hand through a safety hole.
The machines are equipped with Quick-Change Die that makes it easy to change from one wire diameter to another.
The machines have slim profile and use minimal floor space, enabling to put it in-line with other existing machines.
The stroke adjustment is external and takes only seconds.
The bars are fed either by hand or by a pneumatic piston (when utilizing a magazine) until they reach the positive stop. At that time, the machine drips extrusion oil on the part, the positive stop retracts and the piston moves forward and extrudes the part. When a magazine is used, the ejector moves the part back to the magazine, which ejects the parts outside.

Operation sequence:
- (Using a magazine). The parts are fed into a one-row magazine and from the magazine into the gripper dies until reaching the positive stop
- The grippers close on the die and the positive stop retracts
- A drip of extrusion oil is optionally dripping on the bar end just before the heading piston moves forward
- The hydraulic piston moves forward and performs the extrusion / upsetting / heading operation
- The hydraulic piston retracts to its back position after completion of the heading operation
- The gripping dies open
- The extractor is ejecting the parts back into the magazine and outside the machine

Bar diameter range:
Ø12mm to Ø51mm Hot Rolled wire @ 850 N/mm² tensile
Ø12mm to Ø45mm Hot Rolled wire @ 1000 N/mm² tensile
Ø12mm to Ø38mm Hot Rolled wire @ 1,200 N/mm² tensile

Extrusion stroke: 250mm
Gripper dies length: 180mm
Gripping power: Minimum 160 tons
Extrusion power: Minimum 80 tons

Production rate:
Up to 10 PPM (hand feed)
Up to 6 PPM (Magazine feed)

Equipped with:
Extrusion machine One-Row Magazine, feeding cut-to-length bars (L=150-600mm)
Optional hand feed of pre-headed parts, requiring quick-magazine removal
Optional 250mm extrusion stroke instead of 150mml
Gripping dies per diameter (drawing is in the manual)
Extrusion dies per diameter with Carbide insert

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