3/4″ 1012 National 2D3B Progressive Header

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Max cutoff diameter 3/4″ at 85,000 psi material
Max cutoff length 7-7/8″
Min cutoff length 1-1/16″
Max die KO, 1st die 7-3/8″
Min die KO, 1st die 5/8″
Max die KO, 2nd die 6-11/16″ (non-trim), 5-1/2″ when trimming
Min die KO, 2nd die 5/8″
PPM 45~
Forming Tonnage 220 UST

TKO 2nd and 3rd Punch
Equipped with Trim
Die Relieving Knockout

Includes conveyor, operator stand, wire straightener, some spare parts, machine pan, and jib crane mounted to header for assisting with tool changes

Additional information

Weight 85000 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 108 × 105 in
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