FR-H3 Semi-Automatic Fillet Rolling Machine for Aerospace Fasteners

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Application: Fillet Rolling the under-head radius of fasteners. including countersunk, 12 points, hexagonal, cylindrical heads. In various aerospace materials
Size range
Length: 10 – 300 mm
Shank diameter: 3 – 30 mm approximately

Please note that this range is based on standard fasteners. Please supply drawings for any special geometries, head types or materials.

Performance: Output: 200 – 900 parts/hr depending on size
Changeover Time Approx. 2 minutes with 2nd pre-set rolling head
Rolling force: 50 to 2,000 kgf / daN
Rolling Time: Fully Adjustable Rotation
Speed: 50 – 2000 rpm

Description: The machine is custom-designed and built by Earlsdon Technology Ltd and has the following features:
Free-standing machine designed to be at a comfortable height for a seated operator.
Manual load and unload Automatic cycle initiated by operator by two-handed push-button
Pneumatic pivot to move head from loading position to rolling position
Rolling head with 3 rolls
Drive unit with inverter controlled spindle motor.
Pneumatic cylinder producing up to 2,000 kgf rolling force at 0.7MPa air pressure
Load Cell to measure actual rolling force during each cycle and to check that it is within programmed limits.
Programmable pressure control / rolling force.
Enclosed guarding to sides and rear of machine.
Light guard (curtain) to protect operator during cycle.
Allen Bradley PLC control system with 6” touch-screen HMI.
Modem for remote access via the internet.
(Local SIM data card to be supplied by customer)
Self-contained coolant tank and pump with fine filter.
Lockable tool tray.

Rolling Heads: The machine can accommodate 3 sizes of rolling head:
Small: 100 mm Ø with 12 mm Ø rolls: 3 mm to 7 mm diameter (approx)
Standard: 100 mm Ø with 22 mm Ø rolls: 6 mm to 15 mm diameter (approx)
Large: 160 mm Ø with 30 mm Ø rolls: 12 mm to 30 mm diameter (approx)

All rolling heads have arms which are adjustable from an angle of 28 degrees to 48 degrees.

Additional information

Weight 2400 lbs
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