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4” Smeral LKH 800S Upsetter Rebuilt
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Nominal forming force of upsetting slide at end of Stroke: 8000 kN
Force of gripping slide at dies closed: 8000 kN
Maximum force of gripping slide at final closing phase: 2800 kN

Maximum Initial diameter of material forged bar 100 mm
Maximum diameter of upset end u cold stock strength 600 MPa at 1000 °C during most severe operation: 170 mm

Nominal number of strokes of upsetting slide: 35 mm
Overall Stroke of upsetting slide: 380 mm
Working stroke of upsetting slide after closure of die: 250 mm
Return stroke or upsetting slide with dies closed 125 mm
Stroke or gripping slide 159 mm

Die Dimensions:
Length: 550 mm
Width: 210 mm
Height: 660 mm

Electromotor Output: 40 kW
Consumption of drawn-in air per 1 engagement of clutch: 80 dm3
Pressure Air Connection: 0.6 MPa

Re-Build Work:
Motor Rebuild
All Bearings
Bronze for Bearing Slides
Brand New Lube System
Re-Build Slide
New Connecting Arm W/ Bushings
New Bearing Cartridge
Re-Placed Internal Gears and Linings
Re-Machined Bull Gear
Repaired Main CAM
Repaired Pinion Gear
New Clutch
New Crank Shaft
Re-Splined Internal Clutch
New Seals
New Brakes
Brakes Machined and Re-Faced
New Plate Gears
Re-Bored Crank Arm

- ULTIBALANCE 300 Manipulation Arm Complete wtih Shaft Gripper
- AJAX TOCCO 500KW Pacer Heater System Complete
- 2 Sets of Heater Coils, sized for 3" and 4" Bar
- All Spare Tooling / Parts Available Will Ship with Machine


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