20" x 7" Blanchard No. 11 Rotary Grinder

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RANGE: 20″ diameter x 7″ high over 16″ chuck with new cylinder wheel. WORKTABLE: Blanchard One-Piece Steel Magnetic Chuck, 16″ diameter with 1/2″ pole spacing, 3/4″ center hole. Chuck uses direct current only, 110 or 220 volts, 156 watts required, 1.4 amperes on 110 volts, 0.7 ampere on 220 volts. Note: Where direct current is not available, an EML-3 Neutrofier is ample for one chuck. WHEEL: 11″ diameter, 5″ deep, 1″ thick (11″ x 5″ x 9″) wire banded cylinder wheel (usable depth 41/4″) . SPEEDS: – Wheel: 1200 RPM on 60 cycle, 1500 RPM on 50 cycle (uses wheel 10″ x 4″ x 8″). – Chuck: Four geared speeds, 15, 24, 41, and 64 RPM on 60 cycle; 12, 20, 35, and 53 RPM on 50 cycle. – FEED: Vertical down feed by hand or power, dial grad-uated in .0005″ (Dials can be furnished with metric graduations) . Power feed variable from .003″ to .070″ per minute on 60 cycle current (.003″ to .058″ per minute on 50 cycle) with accurate automatic stop. Maximum down feed before stop operates is .048″. Wheel head has rapid raise and lower by power, interlocked with feed. WATER SUPPLY: Easy cleaning tank in base, capacity over 75 gallons. Motor driven centrifugal pump sub-merged in tank, 16 gallons per minute discharge, supply-ing water inside the wheel and to outside nozzle through 3/4″ pipes. FLOOR SPACE and HEIGHT: Length 5′ 3″, width 3′ 6″. Maximum height 6′ 83/4″, minimum 5′ 91/2″. Height of chuck from floor 371/2″. See line drawing for other dimensions. WEIGHT: Grinder with 16″ Chuck and Standard Equipment 5475 lbs Domestic Shipping Weight 6600 lbs. Export Shipping Weight 7000 lbs Add for Caliper Attachment 55 lbs Export shipment in one case approxi-mately 6′ 3″ x 4′ 3″ x 6′ 11″ high; 175 cubic feet. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 16″ Magnetic Chuck with demagnetizing switch, outside chuck ring to hold small work from sliding, 1.5 HP motor built into wheel head, rotor mounted on machine spindle, ammeter in wheel motor circuit; 1 HP totally enclosed, ball bearing motor for table drive; Torque motor, totally enclosed, ball bearing, for rapid raising and lowering of the head; 1/4 HP totally enclosed, ball bearing motor driven cool-ant pump. All with 115 volt push buttons on front of machine completely wired to control panel on back of machine containing starters and protective relays for all motors and disconnect switch; one cylinder wheel holder; wheel dresser built into head; water-guards and piping; hoe for cleaning tank; set of wrenches; and operator’s handbook.

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Weight 6600 lbs
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