M16 Jern Yao JBF-24B5SUL 5 Station Bolt Former

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Forging station 5
Cut-off diameter (mm) 18 (500 N/mm2)
Cut-off length (mm) 118 ~ 370
Kick-out length (max) (mm) 50 ~ 335
PKO length (max) (mm) 70
Cut-off quill (mm) 68 x 100
Main die hole (mm) 116 x 360
Die pitch (mm) 126
Punch hole (mm) 95 x 232 (without sleeve)
Ram stroke (mm) 500
Forging power (tons) 250
Product size 5/8 (M16)
Max. length (mm) 300
Min. legnth (hex) (mm) 100
Min. length (socket) (mm) 100
Max. output (pcs/min) 75
Main motor (hp) 100
Machine weight (approx.) (kgs) 69
Voltage 400V 50HZ
Built and shipped Nov 2021
Used for 1.5 years, in like new condition
Highest level of CE Certification (TUV NORD)
Does not include conveyors or box type wire straightener

Clutch (Japanese brand)
Inverter (including wave filter and reactance)
Dial control style ultra slow speed jogging
Motorized KO length adjustment
Motorized stopper length adjustment
Motorized feed length adjustment
HMI with digital m/c running angle display
Physical m/c running angle display (clock style)
Interval feeding (multiple selections)
Pneumatic slide transfer system (lighter weight and more stable at higher speed)
Pneumatic transfer block locking
KO big screw add sleeve (easier maintenance)
Crank shaft area temperature monitoring system
Box type sound level reduction cover
KO main shaft forced homing system
SK-800 process monitor(including interval feeding detection)
Oil cleaner
NO wire straightening unit and NO wire turn table
Lub. oil pressure gauges
Gear lock for punch and die
Safety doors use Schneider XCS DMP 7902-2NC reed switches
Lub. oil flow rate monitor (ifm-SBY333)
Lub. oil low oil level detector (Nautilus type XML)
Clutch uses dual solenoid valve (ROSS)
Using Siemens S7 separate type IO controller (ET 200S)
Main motor add heat venting cooling fan
Using “safety PLC” to replace standard safety module
Jern Yao’s highest level of CE certification (TUV NORD certificate)
Control panel and electrical box to be in IP55 level
Dual safety door design (add RFID reed switch with interlock design)
Finger open/close cams to be hydraulically locked
Transfer housing lift & turn system for quick finger alignment adjustment (90 degree)
Finger open/close cam AUTOMATIC digital adjustment

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